Redeemer Bible Church is served by a plurality of elders and deacons.

 Charlie– Church Elder. Pastor Charlie and his wife, Pia, have been married since 2004 and are originally from Sudbury, Ontario.  Since April 2013, Charlie has been serving as the pastor of Redeemer Bible Church. –more about the pastor

     Thomas – Church Elder. Thomas has served in leadership capacities for over 15 years. He previously served on the elder-board of Grace Bible Church, our planting church. After making the transition to Redeemer, Thomas was elected as a church elder in early 2017. Thomas and his wife, Sandi have been married for over thirty-nine years; they have two adult children and six grandchildren. Thomas enjoys Christian music, theology, and physical fitness.

  Dan – Church Deacon. Dan has been serving as a deacon at Redeemer since 2014. He is married to Angela, and they are blessed with four children. Dan loves the Gospel, and his desire is to see people come to a saving belief in Jesus Christ, and to live that faith in service to God and others.

 Marcel – Church Deacon. Marcel has been serving as a deacon at Redeemer since 2014. He previously served in the same role at the planting church, Grace Bible Church. Marcel is blessed to be married to Michelle, and they are greatly favored with four children.  He desires to serve the church faithfully, in order that lives may be transformed into the light of God’s truth.

 Rob – Church Deacon.  Rob is actively engaged in Church ministry.  He is married with two children.